Quarter Mile Calculator

Performance estimate for 1/4 mile track time

How to use

To determine your 1/4 mile time, input an estimated weight, including the driver's weight, and horsepower at the wheels for a calculated quarter mile time and speed.

Did you know?

There are other unknown variables to account for such as temperature, driver skill, drivetrain power loss, gearing, and traction in quarter mile performance.

A launch is crucial to a better quarter mile time. Launching at too high of an rpm will cause a loss of traction, launching at too low of an rpm may cause the car to feel bogged down and might not maximize use of torque and horsepower through its powerband.

Front wheel drive vehicles, while often lighter to a comparable all wheel drive or rear wheel drive counterpart, suffer from traction loss especially with higher powered vehicles due to the shift in weight. Tire grip, while essential to all vehicles, is arguably most essential for front wheel drivetrains.

This 1/4 mile calculator will generate an unrealistic time for motorcycles and high horsepower cars. If a car runs out of gearing or has unusual gearing it too will not generate a realistic quarter mile measurement.

Quarter mile is sometimes called the 1320 because that is a 1/4 of the amount of feet in a full mile (5280ft). 1/4 mile is also 440 yards or about 402.34 meters.

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